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Welcome to Sight Studio Optometry

Where Art Meets Eyewear.

The finest location for all your eyecare and eyewear needs; we’ve mastered the latest fashion and couture to bring you the best glasses around.  We’re backed by over 30 top brands spanning frames from infant to elderly, and especially those in between. Our lenses are as fashionable as they are functional with customization options from gradient tints to progressives. Look great while looking great. Sight Studio Optometry, where art meets eyewear.


$55 Comprehensive Eye Exams
$89 Spherical Contact Exams
$99 Toric Contact Exams
$109 Multifocal Contact Exams

Frame and Standard Lenses: $50+
Complete Namebrand Pair $99+

(Self-pay only. Contact Exams include glasses Rx exam.)

Why Choose Us?

What makes us better than that other guy?
More Brands, More Frames, More Range
Sight Studio is equipped to equip you with over 30 top brands and the largest number of frames within each brand in Fredericksburg (This isn’t fluff. We’re serious on this one.) We can also equip your baby. And grandpa. And Fido and Mittens (Okay, maybe not those two. You got us there.) But we do carry flexible, break resilient infant frames and progressive lenses for our older audience. Fashion, function, or both, we’ve a frame for you (Puppy Peepers and Kitty Contacts patent pending.)
Experience, Knowledge, and Technology
Our Opticians are all equipped with a vast experience background, the knowledge to fuel the right choices, and the tech to provide top notch results and secure your vision’s future. This is fancy business jargon to tell you that we’ve put a lot effort into finding the right people to provide solutions for you. Wether you are looking to turn heads, or turn your vision around, we’ll steer you in the right direction.
Timely, Friendly Interactions
We pride ourselves on our staff. It’s not just a job, it’s a passion, and that is reflected in the way you are treated when you walk in to Sight Studio. You’ll find your interaction friendly, informing, and timely with both our opticians and our doctors. One reason for this is that many of our opticians are actually our patients as well and have been for many years before their employment. This is something we are proud of, and a baseline of excellence we extend to all who walk through our doorway.

What We Can Do For You

Here’s our range of services we can provide for you (click for more info!):

Massive Selection of Eyewear (Including Sunglasses, Senior, and Infant)

Largest Selection in Greater Fredericksburg
We pride ourselves in our absolutely massive frame selection. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to claim we have the largest selection in Fredericksburg. We believe it’s important for people to express themselves through their glasses, and carrying a wide range of brands and styles within brands is the best way to help our patients find a look that is perfect for them.
We can provide sunglasses with a variety of options. At the most basic level, we have grab and go sunglasses. Of course, cutting tinted lenses for any regular pair of glasses is also available. We can also do transitions and gradient tinting effects for those that like that extra special “oomph”. At special request, we can also turn the sun down, however, our patients will need to provide the space shuttle as we don’t have a launch platform.
Our sportswear options cover everything from resilient sports glasses to prescription goggles. We can do goggles for almost any major sport, including but not limited to Basketball, Wrestling, Football, and Field Hockey.
Sight Studio is capable of creating prescription safety-wear for those who can’t wear glasses underneath company provided options. Check with your employer and vision coverage to see if you qualify for reimbursement.
We have a respectable selection of infant frames for those precious little bundles of joy (and crying) in our lives. They are more durable than a standard pair of glasses and actually flex under pressure. They come with bands to ensure that the glasses stay on.
Our Silhouette frames are rimless glasses customizeable by color, chassy (temples and bridge), and lens shape. They are good option for those who prefer a lighter look but are also specific about their appearance.
It’s definitely worth mentioning that we carry a few more “eccentric” frame options, at least compared to most other locations. We know that sometimes run-of-the-mill covers a much broader range for some, and we have some frames capable of tickling the most eccentric diva’s fancy.

Huge Variety of Contacts (Vision Correction and Aesthetic Enhancement)

Massive Range of Options
We understand that glasses aren’t the solution for everyone. Many prefer alternative options, and for that reason, we’ve decided to stock the motherload of contacts. We carry everything from dailies, to concentric multifocals, to specialized lenses like keratoconus contacts. We can even set you up with a cosmetic pair for special occasions (like cat eyes for Halloween!.. or just, you know, whenever). Here’s some more info:
Soft and comfortable, these are your standard pair of contacts. They come in monthly and 2 week varieties.
Toric lenses are similar to soft lenses, however they are designed to better correct astigmatism. They are soft and comfortable, and also come in 2 week and 1 month varieties.
“Dailies” are growing in popularity and are the preferred contact for most anyone who has tried them. They provide more lubrication, which means better vision, comfort, and oxygen to the cornea (which means a healthier eyeball). They are the healthiest option for another reason as well; since they are only used for a single day, bacteria don’t get a chance to propagate and infect. These contacts are ideal for patients with dry eyes, allergies, and who play sports. Essentially, “Dailies” are the healthiest, more comfortable, and most highly recommended contacts.
Multifocal contacts are like the bifocals of glasses. They use concentric focus to essentially change the prescription of the contact depending on where the wearer is focusing. These are the best solution for older patients who need to see both near and far, but don’t want the hassle of tilting their head to look through a specific portion of lens.
Cosmetic contacts enhance or change eye color and are available in prescription if needed. You can slightly alter the color of your eyes, change the hue entirely, or even give yourself cat pupils for special occasions like Halloween.
Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are hard contacts designed to give the wearer superior vision under certain circumstances, like severe astigmatism that soft lenses cannot correct. They are custom fit for the wearer’s eye, and as a result, still maintain a large level of comfort dispute the discouraging “hard” descriptor.
For those that need them, we also carry Keratoconus lenses.

Personalized Services and Repairs

Custom Fit for Every Smiling Face
All of our repairs are done in our lab at the very same place you walk in, typically shortly (if not immediately) after you arrive. Our technicians personally make sure your glasses are custom adjusted specifically to fit comfortably yet effectively on your face. We can also repair light damage, replace nose pieces, and even bend your frame (using a special heating device!) if needed. Most repairs/replacements are even complimentary.

Eye Exams

Latest Technology and Years of Experience for the Best Results
The human eye is amazing; our vision, precious. Our eye exams use the latest technological advancements backed by over 35 cumulative years of experience to ensure that our diagnoses are not only accurate, but that they catch any disease or vision degradation as early as possible. A recent study shows that 80% of blindness is preventable, and in the battle against blindness we are doing our absolute best to make sure your vision doesn’t become a part of that statistic.

Contact Exams

The Perfect ‘Script, The Perfect Fit, The Perfect Solution
Glasses aren’t the solution for every situation, and we understand that. We stock a selection of contacts fit for just about any need, but that isn’t enough. We have contact exams to make sure that our patients walk out with the exact type, fit, and prescription specific for each individual.

Diagnosis and Specialized Treatment for Eye Disease

Catching Disease and Health Risks Before Damage is Done
In the metaphorical war against blindness, we take no prisoners! We’re taking the initiative in this fight and have called in the special forces of eye care: Optos. This device alone is capable of catching a broader range of damage and disease than any other technology available. In fact, this machine is so powerful, we can even catch health risks that extend beyond vision, like Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Tuberculosis, Pseudo Tumors, and Lupis. It gets even better. This device replaces the inconvenience of dilation and costs less than lunch for 3 days. Oh, and this is just one of our devices.

Lasik Evaluations with Pre-operative and Post-operative Care

Safer and With Better Results than Ever Before
Lasik vision correction has made leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. Not only do a larger portion of candidates have the option of treatment, but a larger number of issues can be corrected. It’s also safer with better results than ever before. We can do the evaluations and tell you what your options are and we’ll guide you up to the procedure and make sure everything stays on track afterwards. Start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

Pediatric Eye Care

For Those that Matter Most
Adult Eye Care is a large part of our practice, but we haven’t forgotten about all the aspiring Princesses, Astronauts, and Superheroes out there. By that, we mean our children. Many of us at Eye Care have children of our own, and we realize how important it is to ensure that their vision is every bit as healthy and protected as ours (if not more!) Our services come prepared to handle every Ariel, Neil, and Iron Man with child friendly projectors that show symbols instead of letters, specialized tests for more accurate diagnosis, and extensive knowledge from years of first hand experience and practice. We can’t guarantee your child will become a Superhero, but they’ll be seeing like one.


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